Sunday, July 7, 2013

What you've all been waiting for......

The competition of course!

Wrap 'Em is very excited to be able to give away an awesome prize as part of our re-launch.

One lucky person who has purchased a wrap from the website directly between the re-launch and July 15th has the chance to win a $100 voucher with Dare 2 Dream Rainbows for a dye job slot in September.  (I'll be using the website order numbers to do the random draw).

If that winner wishes to purchase a wrap from my current in-stocks to be sent directly to Jennah then they are able to choose a wrap at 30% off RRP.

I'm having a medical procedure done on the morning of Monday 15th so will be around quite a lot Monday/Tuesday so will do a random draw then.  This prize is not transferable, if the winner does not wish to take up the prize, I'll re-draw, so if you have purchased but are not interested, please let me know.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, after a rotten week weather wise, today has been stunning in Hobart... sunshine, blue skies and Mt Wellington blanketed in snow!

Have a fabulous week!

Emma x

Monday, May 13, 2013

Beautiful New Arrivals

We had lots of amazing fluff arrive last week!  I've updated the stock lists on Facebook to reflect what is currently here.  You can view them by size or by design :)

Here are just a few sneak peeks at the most amazing shipment I've received to date in my opinion!!

Tendrils Sun with Hemp

Indio Petrol with Tussah

Geckos Terra-Natural

Ornament Anthracite with Tussah

Tendrils Zyklam-Gold 100% Cotton

Ornament Caribbean with Linen

There are a few others, this is just a selection.  So, which one do you like best?  I am so in love with the Tendrils Sun that one fell in my washing machine.  Geekery to come in another post :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hopefully we'll be back up and running again soon!

But, until then... here's a sneak peek of one of the stunning wraps in my office :D

A new order arrived this week containing Tendrils Sun with Hemp, Tendrils Zyklam/Gold, Kolibri Petrol, Ornament Caribic with Linen, Ornament Anthracite with Tussah, Lime Pfau, Lime Ginkgo and some of the new geckos (Laguna and Terra).  Sound lovely?  It was lovely to unpack, the gasps were audible as my 5 1/2 year old daughter and I carried the boxes upstairs!

Pictures to come over the weekend, and maybe a review... but how do I choose just one?

Please note that if you wish to order an in stock wrap, or pre-order one that I don't have in stock there is an order form here.

If you'd like to see a list of what I have in stock, there is one on my Facebook Page.

Also we are running a pre-order of India Holi with 50% linen and a slightly darker red cotton than the first version already released by Didymos.  Any orders for this wrap will need to be submitted via the form by 4pm AEST Sunday.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Website Down

After weeks of fighting with hackers I've decided to take the website down whilst we upgrade the software and tweak a few things.  Hopefully we'll be back with a lovely new website within a couple of weeks but this will be our temporary home.

Over the weekend or early next week I'll get a list up of what is available for purchase but if you have any specific requests or pre-orders, just fill out the pre-order form or shoot me an email :)  All orders will be processed manually and as a compensation for it being a little more difficult than usual to order, any in-stock orders will be discounted by 10%.  As I've not yet adjusted shipping for the new Australia Post rates, I'll cover the first $10 of any shipping, domestic or international.

This is just a fraction of what is sitting in my office, most of this pile hadn't even been loaded onto my website yet after the Baby and Toddler Show in Melbourne, and I have another order due to leave Germany early next week!

I'll try to update later on today with some photographs of the beautiful wraps sitting in this pile but can't make any promises, it's school holidays here :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hacked :(

It's Saturday evening... I've just had a hot chocolate and some home made raw chocolate brownie (care of the Rawtarian) and I'm about to sit down and do some long overdue paperwork and invoicing from my Facebook Garage Sale (lots of bargains still available!) and just answering a few questions on an online babywearing group I'm part of and a gorgeous customer PM'ed me to let me know that my site is redirecting to a dodgy online gambling site.  Again.  *sigh*  (we had a similar issue last week).

So, I'm here... if you want to contact me, please do so by email or Facebook.  I have so many beautiful wraps for sale and hopefully we'll be back up and running again with updated software to fix the vulnerability that these evil people are exploiting very soon.

I'll hopefully be able to use this opportunity to blog a little, and show you some of the absolute beauties that are gracing my office!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Orient Has Arrived!

Well, after a very tantalising reveal by Didymos and an anxious wait, Orient has arrived in the country. Anyone who has been around Facebook would know that there was quite a bit of hysteria around the release of this wrap, and then a different type when Didymos released pictures of a wrap that had been washed in contravention to their washing directions.

Orient isn't your run of the mill cross twill simple weave 100% cotton wrap.  Orient is a complex jacquard weave with 4 different colours.  Cotton wraps are generally pretty easy to care for, this one is no real exception provided that you follow the washing directions :)

These are the Didymos washing directions... photographed from a leaflet I grabbed out of one of the stock boxes.  Sorry it's not the best picture.

The most important take-home messages from these instructions particularly for Orient are

- Gentle machine wash on 60 degrees maximum (anything up to 60 is fine, I'd tend toward the warmer end of that)
- Make sure that there is plenty of water in your machine.  The machine needs to be at least half full.  I think that this is probably one of the most important things here.  Too little water and there is too much friction in the wash, rather than gently floating around in a lovely bath your sling will be grating against itself.
- Spin on low, or turn the spin off altogether.  Didymos have recommended no more than 400rpm.  If you aren't sure of your spin speed and your manual isn't helpful I'd drip dry (so roll in a towel to squeeze out excess water then line dry)
- If tumble drying, only us a low heat/delicates cycle.
- Iron after every wash, I use a hot steam setting.

I have a Fisher and Paykel HE Top loader (aquasmart).  I started off using a regular cycle with HE mode turned off but there wasn't enough water in there for my liking so I switched to delicate.  I did notice at this point that the water in the machine was quite dark, so I'd wash separately as I think a bit of the black comes out in the first wash.  My machine spins at 300rpm on the lowest speed but I can also turn the spin totally off, on any cycle.  When I took it out I was a little worried as in the pink sections of the wrap (these are less densely woven than the black sections) I could see a little crinkling.  I then tumble dried the wrap on low heat for a little while and then gave it an iron whilst still damp.  Most of the crinkling ironed out.  I then hung it on the line until almost dry and finished it off with another hot steam iron.  No residual crinkles and the wrap looks lovely :D

I'm going to stress here though, if in doubt please hand wash this wrap!

These pictures are post wash.

And now for the review :D  I hadn't initially planned to keep one of these wraps, it's beautiful but not normally something that I'd have in my stash.  I've been reaching for it in preference of anything else the last few days.  I've worn it for a quick up and action shot, my DH wore it for a longer wear including a sleep and then I've worn it a few other times.  These were all with my 11.5kg 15 month old.  It's incredibly cushy, sits beautifully on the shoulders and wraps amazingly.  Then today I took it out and tried the sleeping baby in car to wrap transfer... failed :(  Once we got in to the supermarket, my 16+kg 3 year old decided he wanted up, so I did the switcheroo and popped the baby into the trolley and the big boy up on my back.  Well I am very impressed.  GREAT as a big kid wrap as well.  This one is awesome.  Sure, it needs a little care with washing but it's amazing to wear!  You'll love it!

With my little girl at the Farmer's market on Sunday morning.

With my big boy supermarket shopping this afternoon :)

I don't have any on-hand stock right now but with my next shipment I'll be getting some stock.  If you've pre-ordered size 3 or 5-7, your wrap is here waiting for you.  If you've paid in full it's on the way out to you.  If you've ordered size 4, it's coming in the next shipment and if you'd like to buy one now that you've seen this, pop over to my website and check out a pre-order with the form, I'll be in contact with you to let you know when the shipment will be here!

Have a great week!

Friday, November 2, 2012


Here at Wrap 'Em HQ we've been overrun by fish!  We have in stock right now a number of the amazingly beautiful Linen Mystic Fish and also the Hemp Lau Fish.

The Mystic fish is 50% linen, around 205g/m2 and a stunning, shimmery specimen in petrol coloured linen and natural cotton.  Perfect summer wrap for all ages this one will soften amazingly quickly.

Lau fish is 40% hemp and on the heavier side at around 260g/m2.  This is one amazing wrap.  I am lucky to have some awesome customers, one of whom allowed me to have a wrap with her Lau before I sent it off... I gave it a wash/dry/iron and it softened quite considerably.  I then popped up my toddler in a ruck and it was amazing.  My little one doesn't usually allow me to ruck her as she's a wriggler/leaner/leg straightener but she went straight off to sleep, and slept for a considerable amount of time.  The cush on the shoulders was amazing, such a comfortable wrap!  Excuse the terrible iPhone picture but I thought it was worth putting in!

I have plenty in stock... Size 2 and 5-7 in both wraps.
I've had offers from a few other customers to wash and use their mystic as well so stay tuned for a more thorough review!

Have a great weekend :D